Aspeer is a platform dedicated to sharing sustainable initiatives from all over the world.

We create inspiring video portraits introducing people, projects and companies leading the transition of our society towards a new model of reconciling social, environmental and economic issues.

Every week we publish one new portrait on our website, Facebook page and Youtube channel.  



A new era of changemakers is emerging.

Silent revolutions are taking place all around us, disrupting long established norms of human life at all levels. Aspeer’s mission is to be the Voice of Today’s Changemakers, by bringing their endeavors to light and inspire others.

We profile those who strive to bring us back to ourselves, others and nature. They are changing the way we eat, the way we grow our food, the way we educate future generations, the way we produce, etc.

Let’s spread the change.

Aspeer was started by two young Belgians exploring initiatives all over the world that strive to reinvent our societies. Through Aspeer, they aspire to sow a seed of change and nurture it into a source of reflection and action.

Just like bees, they wish to build networks, discover communities to pollinate and come back to their fellows, pointing them to areas of foraging.
By being convinced that each one of us can be a driving force in the process of change, Aspeer is setup to become a collaborative platform allowing others working in the field to introduce new changemakers to the world.